I have met so many passionate home owners who want a designer finish on their home but fall into one of these two categories:

  • An interior designer, and the minimum budgets they require to engage, is not part of their home decorating budget
  • They are savvy enough to do the legwork to pull a space together but, they need direction, a vision and foundation to build upon

If this sounds familiar, Design to Doorstep was made for you!

Here is how Design to Doorstep works:

  • E-mail us the measurements, photos and a video of your room or rooms. Also include photos of any furnishing that you need to incorporate
  • We will then set up a video meeting to discuss the space, the way you live in it and all the other important details
  • We will put together and mail to your doorstep a package containing a custom design plan for your room. The box will include:
    • Floorplan with furniture layout
    • An overall design scheme including: paint selections, wallcoverings, ceiling coverings, floor coverings, upholstery, caseloads (tables, cabinets, etc), curtain designs, lighting and 2-3 fabric schemes
    • With this plan you can either choose to make it happen on your own, using our designs as a guide, or purchase the items through us, either all at once or over time
    • An enclosure detailing “industry tips” for sourcing and executing the design will aid you if you plan to take the execution on yourself
  • The $1200 fee for your custom design reflects the time we will spend curating selections and creating a bespoke space that works with how you live and looks Instagram ready. (The rate equates to six hours at our hourly rate $200 per hour, which can be paid through Venmo or PayPal)

Email us at leslie@lesliemaydesings.com and include Design to Doorstep in the subject. We look forward to creating someplace special for you!