Chic Curb Appeal

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You never get a second chance to make a first impression….so make sure your front door is just as chic as the lacquered walls and tailored windows in your dining room! It is easy to over look what your guest … Continued

Building Good Bones

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Still scared of spills on the sofa fabric, scratches on the antiques…there is one design detail that not even my sofa diving, indoor repelling, bookshelf scaling 5 year old could take down — those built into the wall. The details … Continued


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I happen to love re-arranging my bookshelves. I think that makes me a little odd…even as a little girl I liked to arrange my toys and stuffed animals on the white formica (sorry mom, I told) bookshelf in my room. … Continued

Wasted Space

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Why move to a bigger house or add on that extra square footage when you likely don’t even use what you’ve got! There are so many spaces in our homes that we love to polish up and show off but … Continued

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