A Blast from the Past

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I have always loved the idea of reviving a fabulous grand old house with a kiss of the new, while keeping its old character in tact….one with real history and really good bones. I had hoped this would be a … Continued

Wasted Space

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Why move to a bigger house or add on that extra square footage when you likely don’t even use what you’ve got! There are so many spaces in our homes that we love to polish up and show off but … Continued

A Room of Their Own

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You know I am a big believer in making every room in your home welcoming to every member of your family….don’t lock your kids out of the living room or pups out of the bedroom — or you won’t hang … Continued

The Gift of Design

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What could be a better gift to yourself then an afternoon snuggled up on the sofa while the children play quietly, maybe drinking a glass of wine, and you flipping through beautiful images of decked decors?? Well, we can all … Continued

All I Want For Christmas

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Lets face it, kids, and really living in general, can be rough on your nest. There are some spots though, that are really immune to the hustle and bustle of life and I think worth a splurge.Here is a Christmas … Continued