Need a little inspiration in the bedroom? Wouldn’t it be dreamy if your bedroom was your favorite spot in your home? Your  refuge, your sanctuary? Everyone says it, yet almost everyone I work with says “Lets do the rest of … Continued

Luxe Leather

Hot pink, shocking turquoise or kelley green….leather is not just for the your fathers library chair anymore! “Leather”, I put it in quotation marks because I really mean the fake stuff, is the embodiment of Family Style. I love it … Continued

Have a seat…

Upholstered furniture is my absolute favorite blank slate to create upon because it combines several of my favorite things: fabric, trim and tailoring. The only rule when designing upholstery is that it has to not only be comfortable to sit … Continued

Welcome back! I feel like the fall is really my “new years” fresh start. I guess I am still in the Back to School mode after all these years…even though none of my children are really there yet! What better … Continued