Design to Doorstep

Ready for your custom Leslie May designed room?

Email us at and include Design to Doorstep in the subject. We look forward to creating someplace special for you!

What is included in your custom room box

With the Design Fee of $1200 per space you will receive a box with 2-3 fully flushed out design schemes that include:

  • Floorplan with furniture layout
  • Paint selection
  • Wall coverings
  • Ceiling coverings
  • Floor coverings
  • Upholstery
  • Caseloads (tables, cabinets, etc)
  • Curtain designs
  • Lighting
  • Fabric selections

With this plan you can either, choose to make it happen on your own, using our designs as a guide and sourcing items on your own (from anywhere from home goods to one kings lane) or purchase the items through us via your private on-line store that will contain all the selections included in your design schemes, either all at once or over time

An enclosure detailing “industry tips” for sourcing and executing the design will aid you if you plan to take the execution on yourself

Here’s how Design to Doorstep works

  • E-mail us the measurements, photos and a video of your room or rooms. Also include photos of any furnishing that you need to incorporate in the space
  • We will then set up a video meeting to discuss the space, the way you live in it and all the other important details
  • We will put together and mail to your doorstep a package containing a custom design plan for your room.
    All too often I hear the moan from friends, clients and even acquaintances of money wasted on decorating purchases they were so sure of in the store, but now regret. The advice I give to anyone who will listen is, don’t make one off purchases of a sofa, or a lamp or a coffee table but, have a fully flushed out design scheme for each room in your house, from ceiling to floor, so you won’t waste money on mistakes! Once you have the plan in hand, you can make the purchases, even in phases as budgets allows, with the confidence that each element is part of a larger plan that will come together cohesively.

I am so excited about our new service Design to Doorstep to help arm more design savvy homeowners with that game plan they need to attain the looks they drool over on instagram.

I have met so many passionate home owners who want a designer finish on their home but fall into one of these two categories:

  • An interior designer, and the minimum budgets they require to engage, is not part of their home decorating budget
  • They are savvy enough to do the legwork to pull a space tougher but, they need direction, a vision and foundation to build upon

If this sounds familiar, Design to Doorstep was made for you!