Design Services

Creating Bespoke Homes for Families is my passion. I want my home, and my clients’ homes, to be the cozy backdrop to life with family, friends, pets and parties – fabulously be-decked, but, if you look closely, can stand up to real living. My approach to decorating for life is all about knowing where to splurge and where to batten down the hatches. I create homes that embrace fun, boisterous living and all the chaos that comes with it, but are still chic, elegant and completely cozy. Creating a fabulous family home is not about foregoing the dazzling details that make a space special, but layering them in where they are immune to the jostles of real life. No matter how many toddlers, teens or canines live in your home, every room can look like it fits on the pages of a glossy home magazine and still be enjoyed by every member of your family. Why leave the decked out living room for only the occasional guest? If you are savvy about how you design your home, you will find that you get to enjoy every bit of it!