Lets face it, kids, and really living in general, can be rough on your nest. There are some spots though, that are really immune to the hustle and bustle of life and I think worth a splurge.
Here is a Christmas list of a few goodies for Santa to put under your tree that have a good chance of remaining un-scathed in the New Year!

*Great Bedside Tables ~ I really can’t stan a wimpy side perch here. I need lots of room for books, magazines, journals, flowers…
*Lights ~ lamps, sconces, chandeliers…let the light in!
*Collections on the Wall ~ this is a great spot to hang plates, mirrors, objet d’art…and no one can touch!

This is a room I did for a client and I just love the bedside lamps and two tiered bedside tables.
This is great side table from Oomph that you can do in any color of the rainbow and has lots of space for  just stuff!
My latest lighting obsession is this lamp, the Ananas, from a company in Charleston, Ro Sham Beaux. I am hoping to find these under my christmas tree this year!

These fun plates from C Wonder would look great as a collection on any wall.

Here is his cousin the giraffe!
There are so many great lights on which to splurge. I love these from Charles Edwards.