Maybe its all the Halloween decorations still haunting the halls of my house…my 7 year old asked this morning if we could leave them up till we got our Christmas tree….but I think its nice to have a little “BOO!” in your life all year long….

I love a pop, I mean a really strong pop, of color when used sparingly. I am not a fan of a house that looks like a rainbow, with Roy G. Biv hopping from room to room — if you have little ones you are probably familiar with that trick of Mr. Biv to remember the colors of the rainbow:) But I do love flipping through design books and seeing those gems of  bold color that just pop off the page.

Color can be tricky….and many people are afraid of it. Afraid that they will get tired of it. Don’t be! You can have those spaces that you see in magazines and say “ooo-la-la, if you do it in bite size portions. So that you are sure to smile when you walk by that color statement, instead of feeling like you need your sunglasses, just do it in one concentrated spot. I think it is most effective when really bold colors are splashed in small spaces, like a powder room, a study, the backs of bookshelves or just in an alcove.  Even a bright color like Kelly Green can make a small space feel cozy when it envelops the walls.  Here is some inspiration for your next trip to the paint store!

I would be happy cooking my umpteenth dish of mac and cheese in this kitchen.
by Miles Redd
Lacquer makes any color look better.
another by Miles Redd – a color master
Love this watery turquoise, you can pair it with any color, even zebra!