Hide and Seek

Let’s face it, you are not going to hang out in your living room if the only activities it is set up for is your annual Christmas party and your dinning room table will just collect dust if it is only reserved for Thanksgiving dinner. Take back these museum rooms and set them up for actual living…but don’t dumb them down either!The best way to do this is by finding creative ways to stash. Whether it is text books, Chutes and Ladders or art supplies, hide these necessities of life in your more “grown up” rooms so you will have a reason to go in there with your “less grown up” family members. Here are some ideas that will keep your space chic but inviting too…

This fabulous armoire from Chapman Radcliffe Home is the perfect hideaway for any clutter


Have your ottoman built “pop top” to stash cozy blankets, toys, school books…(this one by Markham Roberts from via housebeautiful.com)