I have always loved the idea of reviving a fabulous grand old house with a kiss of the new, while keeping its old character in tact….one with real history and really good bones. I had hoped this would be a house I could actually live in but alas, not quite there yet! Next best thing, getting to decorate one! Late this spring I got to join some other amazing designers taking part in the Traditional Home Magazine / Greensboro Jr. League Showhouse. We took over the amazing Adamsleigh mansion, just outside of Hight Point – furniture mecca. It is one of those homes truly from another era…with a “prohibition room” in the basement and an iron gate on the second floor landing that the owners installed after the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped, to protect their own brood.

As you can imagine, Traditional Home was able to attract some design icons to work on the house…Suzanne Kasler, Miles Redd, Eric Cohler…to name a few. As was fitting among that company, I was assigned the maids room…at the end of a long hallway on the second floor:)

I attempted to turn this little nook into a modern day study hall and hang out spot for the young lady of the house. Perhaps a bit sophisticated for Justin Bieber karaoke parties, but you are never to young to surround yourself with beautiful design:)

I have to give a quick shout out to some of the wonderful companies that helped me….oomph’s amazing tables and desk, South, Julian Chichester, Quadrille, Kravet and Ro Sham Beau. Thank you!!!

The house will be featured in the October issue of Traditional Home, here is a sneak peak!

Perhaps one of my favorite things in the design world is lacquer walls!! This paint is from Fine Paints of Europe…it makes the walls look almost wet…
This was the best part of the whole thing…my very dear friends Elizabeth and Allison stoping by for a visit:)
I covered the ceiling in this Quadrille fabric…love fabric on a ceiling, makes the whole room feel warmer.
This is one of the side tables from oomph (www.oomphonline.com). The most sumptuous part is the lizard skin top.!!